It's upon us already, Moxettes! It always feels like it's ages away until it's not and then BAM! you find yourself knee deep in the mad rush that is pre-Christmas, late-night shopping and end of year party celebrations. Here are a few tips and tricks from the team @MoxieHQ to get you through the next few months...


"I can't stand massive crowds and mile long queues, so I buy all my Christmas presents online and there are usually more bargains to be found!".

- Jess, Accounts


"Booze buses are everywhere this time of year... plus, it's so not worth risking the lives of you and your family. If I'm going to a party and end up having too good a time, I make sure I leave my car where it is and Uber home. And don't forget to stay hydrated (with water!), too".

- Petra, Operations


"I have this habit of having an indulgent breakfast on Christmas day – it's a bit of a family tradition to all have pancakes in the morning and then have a big Chrissie dinner. But now that I spend Christmas lunch with my boyfriend and his family, I find myself faced with three massive meals on Christmas day – if I over-do it on the pancakes, I'm stuffed for the rest of the day! And paying for it with a food coma on Boxing Day...".

- Kate, Sales


"I love nothing more than a disco nap in the arvo – especially if you've got lots of draining family dos to go to, a little nap beforehand keeps me perked up!"

- Jemma, Marketing


"There is always that one family member who buys me nanna-esque tea-towels or cushions for Christmas – bless them – SO not my taste, but they seem to get so much joy in gifting them to me. So in recent years I've started to suck it up and just be grateful that someone cares enough about me to think of me. And, admittedly I've actually started using some of the towels…".

- Annabelle, Quality Control


"Most people are running around like headless chooks at this time of year, but last year it dawned on me that I was actually going to take this time to unwind and slow down. It doesn't have to be the 'silly season' unless you make it. I try to exercise and catch up with friends in groups rather than individually (less 'occasions' to attend that way) and sometimes I just flat out say no to things. I'm not a party pooper, I'm just trying to keep things more relaxed. I generally feel better for it come the first week of Jan!"

- Steph, Marketing


"I do a stock up of all my must-have summer necessities just before Christmas, as a lot of my favourite stores will close for a holiday break. We will often have unexpected guests dropping by in between Christmas and New Year and I hate being caught out with nothing in the house, so I like to make sure the pantry is full with my fave summer snacks and wine... and of course, my bathroom is always well-stocked with loads of Moxie, too!"

- Mia, Co-founder

Happy Holidays, Moxettes!

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