‘Happy International Women’s Day, Moxettes!

Happy International Women’s Day, Moxettes! Now officially in its 101st year, International Women’s Day is a day for women all around the world to inspire and empower each other, celebrate our achievements and all other things feminine!

I recently watched ‘The Help’, a stunning movie about women in the 1960s, their roles in society vs. the home, racism, oppression, inequality… Whilst the movie itself is fictitious, no doubt these themes were very real in the 60s – and sadly, still are. Although, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve come a long way since those times. Generally speaking, we are a more tolerant and accepting society; women form a major part of the work-force and are not merely expected to be house-bound or raise children; women can be educated, women can work, vote, live away from home, travel, be athletes, business-women, mothers… anything we like.

Unfortunately though, this is not the case universally or in every society. Women still fight for their rights (anything from equal pay, to political voting rights, to the right to choose whom they wish to marry) every day, in many different corners of the globe. Globally, women’s education and health is worse than that of our male counterparts, as is violence against us. Not good stats. But today is about celebrating the positives rather than the negatives and is the perfect opportunity to initiate change.

It’s no doubt that we are all pretty fab women individually, but collectively we can be even better – today is a perfect example of that. This is also the main reason we have just started The Moxette Sorority, an initiative designed for us to join forces where and when it counts and give women a greater voice! We have started the group off quite small with a few of our most loyal Moxettes, but once we find our feet, we will most definitely be inviting more women to join our sorority to help us celebrate each other’s achievements and tackle some of the broader issues that affect us as women in today’s world.

So what will you do today to celebrate IWD? There is a whole heap of events happening all around the globe, so check out this list on the IWD website and get involved!

Mia x

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